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Early Childhood Development Centers
Babyland provides early childhood education services to three and four-year old children from Newark, East Orange and the surrounding areas. In partnership with the East Orange School District, Babyland provides 10 hours of quality care and education to 60 children in four classrooms at the Bakery Village Child Development Center.

Infant Child Care Centers
Babyland is the pioneer of the child care for infants and toddlers from three months to three years old. Babyland is one of the largest infant child care providers in Essex County. The agency provides infant child services at five locations:

Intensive Family Visitation
Babyland's Intensive Family Visitation Program, begun in 1998, works to create a bond between boarder babies still in the hospital and their birth mothers. In conjunction with collaborators, Babyland outreach workers bring the mothers to the hospital and help them to engage in play therapy with their babies. The Intensive Family Visitation program brings together mothers, Babyland Outreach Workers, the New Jersey Division Of Youth and Family Services, professional therapists, and on some occasions additional family members, to determine what is best for the child. Babyland's outreach workers teach the mothers to bond with their child, and provide workshops on parenting skills and life skills. 
Domestic Violence Services
Babyland Family Violence Program of Essex County is a non-profit organization created in 1979 with a 14-bedroom facility with capacity to house 14 women and 30 children seeking a safe and confidential emergency safe heaven while they are going through crisis situation of domestic violence. In addition to shelter, services include a 24-hour hot line, individual and group counseling for adults, play therapy for the children, legal advocacy information and referrals, housing advocacy, referrals for further education for the clients, and community education. The location of the shelter is confidential.
Our program addresses victims of all
Essex County. We service about 5000 hot line calls a year. The Domestic Violence Program provides emergency placement while in crisis, legal advocacy, housing advocacy, referrals for mental, sexual assault and substance abuse. Batterers Intervention Program "Men For Peace" which is 26 weeks of counseling sessions for perpetators, mandate by the court. In addition, we organized and trained DVRT (Domestic Violence Response Team) in all municipalities in Essex County, including East Orange, South Orange, West Orange, Orange, Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills, Springfield working together very close with police departments of each municipalities and trained volunteers to assist victims in crisis.



After School And Summer Program
Babyland provides after school and summer enrichement programs for children from Newark. In particular, Babyland provides academic instruction and reacreation activities for 130 children through three Family Friendly Centers (FFC) sites in partnership with the Newark Public School and NJ Department of Human Services. Babyland has contracted FFC to open a new after school enrichment program at Dayton Street School to serve 36 students. Also, with the Division of Family Development we are contracted to open a new program at Babyland 3 that will serve 20 more children. The Babyland Summer Enrichment Program is designed to enrich each child’s life through a variety of activities, which include trips to art performances, exhibits, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, computer instruction, and arts and crafts. Formal instruction in school subjects is also a part of the program.

Children Together Foster Care Shelter

The Children Together Foster Care Shelter (CTOG) opened in October 1993, with a capacity for 12 children ranging in age from 5 to 13 years old, including larger groups of siblings (four or more). The children live together with trained house parents in a family-style living environment before they are placed in long-term living arrangements. In 1007 the shelter moved to a new location and is focusing on a new population for teenage girls.

Bariki House Shelter

The Bariki House Shelter opened in June 2008, with a capacity for 5 adolescent females ranging in age from 12 to 17 years old. This is a transitional housing with a maximum 30-day stay. The shelter program will link the children with appropriate therapeutic services. The support to the children will include, but not limited to individual counseling, behavioral assistant and/or mentor support, and group counseling.

Children Together Foster Homes
Babyland has a network of over 135 foster homes for sibling groups, individual children, and boarder babies (including specialized homes for infants born with HIV virus). After an intensive training program, the foster parents work with Babyland outreach workers to provide a warm and welcoming enviroment for the children. Outreach workers make weekly visits to the foster homes, and are available at all times to respond to any concerns the parents or children may have.

Infant Care "Boarder Babies" Program
The children Together Infant Care Program began in 1995 and has provided temporary and long-term care for over 100 infants. The infant Care Program also provides specialized foster care homes for infants who test HIV positive and are asymptomatic. Babyland provides temporary foster care homes and reunification services for infant kept in hospital wards, because their parents have abandoned them, or removed by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services.
Parent Education Program
Babyland's Parent Education Program is focused on the entire family unit, and addresses the needs of parents and children involved in abusive crisis situation. The program aims to prevent or remedy neglect, abuse or exploitation of children; to reserve, rehabilitate, and reunite families; and to enable parents to achieve or maintain self-sufficiency. Parent workshops encourage parents to be actively involved in the child care program, and they are given opportunity to view different behavior patterns of the children, and allows caregivers to serve as positive role models. The parent Education Program provides parents with individual group counseling and workshops, and home visits by social workers strengthen and reinforce Program activities and goals.

Family Success Center
Family Success Center (a spin-off of Faces) is a state initiative aimed at ensuring that children six years of age and younger have access to quality early childhood services and other supports which promote healthy child development and family well-being. Babyland's involvement began in 1999. The four core service areas are: quality child care, prenatal and health services, parent education, and family literacy. Collaborating partners include Family Service Bureau, Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey, Newark Office of Children, and Literacy Volunteers of America: Newark and Essex, Programs for Parents, Inc., the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN), and the Office of Early Childhood Education.

Support Operations
Babyland operates 4 facilities in the Newark and East Orange area. There are two child care sites, the shelter for victims of domestic violence, the shelter for children in the emergency foster care placement, administrative offices and foster care services building and one family resource center and mini-police precinct substation. All facilities are leased except for the administrative offices building and the mini-police precinct substation.
        Food And Nutrition

The Babyland central kitchen, established in 1981, provides meals to nearly 400 children at two child care sites. The kitchen is in Babyland 3, which is located at 200 South Orange Avenue in Newark. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are prepared for the child care sites at the kitchen and are transported daily to the child care sites. In addition, food is provided to the children and adults living in the Domestic Violence and Children Together Foster Care Shelters which is prepared on site.
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